Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tree Shapers

In 1986 Peter had the idea of growing a chair

 Nine years later Peter and Becky became partners

 Pooktre was born

Together they have mastered the art of Tree shaping

 Pooktre has perfected a Gradual shaping method,

which is the shaping of trees 

as they grow along predetermined designs

 Designing and setting up the supporting framework

are fundamental to the success of a tree

 Some are intended for harvest to be

high quality indoor furniture 

and others will remain living art

1 comment:

  1. WOW!!! That's really a chair??? GET OUT!!! Now, how would one go about buying one of these??? Hmmmm. LOL! That's so interesting and I happened to find all the photos' interesting by the way! The zodiac bowls, are they yours? I bet they may be worth something. You should definitely look into that and see what they might be worth. If you have them in your possession. I'm sure some art collectors or museums may be interested.. they're certainly interesting finds. And I loved the one with the city overlooking the ocean and the rainbow colored buildings and houses. That's amazing! Thank you for letting me know about these!! As always, it's been a pleasure!



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