Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's flame-grills

There's no El Pollo Loco in East Malaysia

So we have to do to find a way to have flame-grilled chicken

Grilling is an activity done only on weekends 

which may start on Friday evening

Keeping an eye on the flame is important

unless you enjoy a piece of burnt chicken


  1. i just ate but your photos made me want some chicken! we love grilled foods here in the philippines, too! :-)

  2. We grill almost every weekend here! And chicken just happens to be my favorite!! Hubby grills, and I make my own home made potato salad and baked beans and corn! YUMMY! I have some pictures up on my blog at The Simple Kind Of Life that I thought you might be interested in. They were taken at the zoo! Hope you like them! Please feel free to visit me there as well! Amazing pictures by the way. You made me hungry!! For chicken!! :) LOL!



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