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Friday's Fowl

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Roti Tissue or " Tissue bread " makes a great snack !

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Barbeque pork noodle

Here is how barbeque pork noodle is made

Charcoal flame-grill some sirloin pork

over a slow fire

Eat with homemade egg noodle

Photos taken with iphone4

Laksa : One of the world’s finest breakfast dishes

For an Italian, polenta is only at its best
when prepared in a Tuscan farmhouse kitchen

For a Russian, the borscht must be freshly made
and served in a family dacha
overlooking a birch-lined lake in winter

 For a Sarawakian, laksa must be dished-up piping hot in a crowded, noisy coffee shop in Kuching

Laksa is the quintessential coffee shop dish

The fine wheat flour vermicelli are dunked in the boiling water and then
a mixture of shallots, lemon grass, galingal, garlic, coriander seeds, dried chilli
and about 20 other herbs and spices
Most of the spices are imported from Egypt while some come from Iran;
crinkled dried chilli comes from China and the shallots from India

Subtle fragrances of candle nut, lemon grass, sour tamarind and garlic blend
together with a sharply flavoured curry-like spice mix
and lashings of santan to form a liquid
that seems to posses a hundred different flavours simultaneously

The doused noodles are garnished with generous helpings of sliced omelette ,
fresh prawns and shredded chicken breast
 The whole thing is topped-off with a garnish of coriander leaves

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone

What is the Weather ?

It is scientifically proven that 

a piece of earth rock can tell the weather

Singapore from the other angles

Photos by Chung Chieng

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I learned about Facebook

It connects you to the people all over the world

What people do in Facebook

What people want others to do in Facebook

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