Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday's Street Art

Street arts always amaze me

A local street art

Passerby interacting with the art work 

to create picture perfect moments

Street arts in other countries

A dog steps into a space with a thought bubble

 A commuter participating in an art work unknowingly

 A magnificent abyss art work

A commuter pretending to climb up 

this imaginary pop-up staircase

A wall waiting for people to fill in their thoughts

A pedestrian walking on top of an illusion art work

A cyclist threading past the pavement with a gaping hole art

Super Mario wall art

 Life-sized Monopoly game

 Giant red dice waiting to be rolled

 A passerby interacting with a street painting of a shark

 Fluorescent domino blocks

 A lady giving the illusion that she cast the girly shadow 

on the wall

 This man was at the right spot and completed this art work

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