Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Why Does my Body Do That?


If your body is low on oxygen, your mouth opens wide and tries to suck more in. Yawning is a way to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your blood. Unfortunately, yawns are nearly impossible to stifle

Eye Twitches


Serious eye twitches can be a symptom of neurological disorders, but often there is a more mundane explanation. Common causes for eye twitches include stress, lack of sleep extended staring or eye strain. Before you get frantic, try reducing your stress level, cutting back on caffeine and catching up on sleep


According to Dr. Plasker,
our skin most often gets itchy because of dryness associated
with the environment or over-washing
Water and soap can strip skin of its natural oils,
thus sapping moisture
Face or body lotion should be able to keep
these types of itches under control; also look for body washes and soaps labeled 'moisturizing'
If you still have itchy patches,
you may be experiencing an allergic reaction
to a chemical, plant, food, animal or drug
See an allergist if the itching is persistent 


If you've frequently got a case of the hiccups,
try slowing down when you eat and drink, suggests Dr. Plasker
 Doing either too quickly causes your stomach to swell;
this irritates your diaphragm,
which contracts and causes hiccups
You may also get hiccups in emotional situations
or if your body experiences a sudden temperature change
 In both of these cases, the hiccups are a result of a glitch
in your nerve pathways, which is why a sudden scare -
which might shake up and reset your nerves -
can sometimes end an episode

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