Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday What's the queue for ?

While shopping in the Boulevard Shopping Center, 
we saw a long queue

Took a closer look at the queue

Beyond the Body Shop and beyond the Restaurant ...

The queue started at SUSHI KING !

It was Sushi King Card BONANZA !

 Whipped out the membership card !

The bi-annual RM2 bonanza was
when you eat any plates off the conveyor 
for only RM2 !

Green tea ready 
with " wasabi " ( Japanese horseradish ) in shoyu sauce

Ate about 6 plates of " Unagi "
( grilled eel )

And a few plates of " Ebi Ten " ( prawn tempura )

A few plates of " Nihotate " ( cooked scallops )

and 6 plates of my favorite smoked salmon

This is a very good fish

This fish deserved to wear a crown

Shoji lamps that make the place " zen "

Dinner's done with the SHOYU sauce emptied 
 and the bill delivered

Surprisingly, SUSHI KING had the long queue still

 A young boy fascinated with the queue

See those spiders spinning the web ?

 And this spider was scaring the people away !

So it was time to run off

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