Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sleepy Siniawan in Sarawak

The visit to Siniawan leaves 

an extraordinary impression on me

It must be the rustic looks of the old buildings 

that has left me in awe

Walking along the buildings, 

I had this melancholy feeling 

and mental images of what life must had been 

back in the early 1900s 

when our fore fathers first set foot in Borneo

Some probably had resettled in Bau (the gold mining town) 

not far from Siniawan

Dogs frolicking on the five-foot walkways in Siniawan

The shophouses here are still made of timber 
which makes them a fire hazard
Ironically, the inhabitants are more worried 
about the frequent flooding from the river 

just behind these shops

Imagine walking on the same cobbled stone path 

and touching the same wooden stilts 

that had stood the test of time

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